16 Nov 2018

‘Santa Crashes Christmas’ in Hamish Rothwell’s Aldi

Following the success of his “The More The Merrier” spot for Aldi last Easter, Hamish Rothwell has returned with a charming and alternative take on St Nicholas and the usual festive cheer towards Christmas. After Santa Crashes Christmas in the Australian outback, he finds himself in unknown territory, scarce and dusty, in a spot of bother and confusion. Naturally though the good heartedness of the Aussie’s takes over as they welcome their fallen hero into their lives and muster up what they can as a community to send him on his way and deliver Christmas for once and for all.
Under the creative guidance of BMF (Australia), Hamish Rothwell delivers the Christmas ad we never knew we needed with a demonstration of the wonderful creativity coming out of Australia and gentle reminder that no matter who you are or where you are, the Christmas show must go on.
Even amongst a growing pool of outstanding and imaginative Christmas spots for this year, Hamish has delivered an excellent and stand out spot that has achieved him a glittering Five Star rating on David Reviews.