Following the success and notoriety of her spots for last year’s International Girls Day, Merman Director MJ Delaney has followed it up this year with “Think.”
Honouring the late and great Aretha Franklin, MJ’s piece sees young girls of all cultures and backgrounds standing strong and tall, preaching the significance of a day new day of optimism and most of all, freedom. Freedom from restraint and freedom to excel in a time breaking away from the shackles of oppression and inequality. In MJ’s latest statement, young girls in school from several backgrounds and cultures address us directly preaching and bellowing one of Aretha’s greatest anthems. The time is now to think and the time is now to change. Enough is enough.
Having begun in 2012 under the United Nations, the International Day of the Girl has grown into something bold and profound. It has spread its rhetoric to encompass a growing population across the world, each year emphasising the need to address and tackle issues directly and disproportionately affecting women, old and young. In 2012, the goal was to end child marriage and in 2013 it was “innovating girl’s education.” This year the campaign and movement is taking on gender bias and growing unemployment in the work sector all over the world. Just like last year’s work, MJ manages to draw an intense and genuine sense of frustration combined with an honest and resilient sense of hope to reflect the road to change is in sight but so much more has to be done. The Global Girls Alliance is alive and well but it relies on all of us to incentivise the change and progress that will benefit us all. With more girls in school, poverty declines and GDP rises. What more proof do you need? As founder of the Global Girls Alliance Michelle Obama makes clear,  “When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country” and in doing so it “transforms the prospects of their families, communities, and nations.”
In its sixth year, the International Day of the Girl along with the Global Girls Alliance has had enough. With Michelle Obama at the forefront and MJ Delaney crafting its visual narrative, you simply cannot deny the need to think about the ramifications of global education and its deserved standing in a new era of equality and female empowerment and excellence.
Produced through Moxie.