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On the verge of a midlife crisis – Sharon meets six women who have gone through midlife crises.

Secrets of a good marriage – Sharon gatecrashes six very different marriages and a wedding in a bid to open up the private world of husbands and wives.

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Presented by
Sharon Horgan

Chloe Thomas

Executive Producer
Ricky Kelehar

North One Television

Channel 4

Transmission Dates
Secrets of a good marriage: 2nd January 2013
On the verge of a midlife crisis: 9th January 2013

2 x 60mins


“Horgan’s infectious charm helps bring the most out of each encounter… She’s taking the piss out of herself, as much as she is out of everyone else. And she’s very funny” – The Guardian

“Plucky Horgan, an entertaining and empathetic presenter, got on famously with them all and, valiantly, only mildly took the mickey… Her next series should prove to be a corker.” – Metro