11 Jan 2018

Phantom Thread by Paul Thomas Anderson Receives 5 Stars in the Guardian

Paul Thomas Anderson’s  new film Phantom Thread is receiving acclaim internationally ahead of its release in the UK this February. Peter Bradshaw’s review in the Guardian boasts 5 Stars. Watch the Trailer for Phantom Thread here.

‘There is such pure delicious pleasure in this film, in its strangeness, its vehemence, its flourishes of absurdity, carried off with superb elegance. And Woodcock’s sartorial creations have a surreal quality, decadent, like dishes at a Roman banquet. Can this really be Daniel Day-Lewis’s final performance? He’s said that it is and he is not someone for speaking casually. We have to assume that this is goodbye. Maybe this is how onlookers felt at Nijinsky’s last public performance in 1917, which reputedly made Arthur Rubinstein burst into tears. It’s a wonderful high note for Day-Lewis to end on: I feel a mixture of euphoria and desperate sadness.’

Read Peter Bradshaw’s 5 Star Review on the Guardian.