28 Jun 2018

Parkour Pros Take a Leap for Canon in Article

Original article published in on 27th June 2018

Canon challenge parkour pros to endeavour a world first – free-running from Europe to Asia while shooting the action themselves.

There’s nothing like sporting prowess or athletic daredevilry to smash through political/cultural divides and in this uplifting campaign created by VCCP, a group of plucky parkourists literally soar above the division between east and west as they leap across Istanbul’s Bosphorus, from Europe to Asia, capturing the action with Canon equipment. 

Inspiring Canon’s customers to capture their own ‘firsts’ on camera, the adrenaline-feulled ad was filmed in Istanbul by the seven-strong elite parkour team, Storror, as they leapt about a series of landmarks in the photogenic Turkish city.

Starting off bouncing around the exquisite domed rooftops of the Süleymaniye Mosque, the team free-run around various urban locations, shooting their exploits themselves with additional footage and expertise from leading sports photographer Samo Vidic. A behind-the-scenes video reveals the logistics involved…

The film’s exhilarating pace builds as the runners approach the Bosphorus, fly off Galata Bridge and start tumbling onto the roofs of boats and ferries, as they cross from the city’s European side to the Asian cargo seaport Haydarpaşa.

Part of the brand’s Live For The Story campaign, the stunt will occupy a variety of channels including print, PR, social and in-store/retail. Plus, with Storror having earned a loyal following on social media, with over 1 million subscribing to their YouTube channel alone to view material they shoot and produce themselves, the campaign is a good example of a brand harnessing the power of influencers.