15 Mar 2018

Laurie Smith is a Merman at David Reviews

Renowned comedy director Laurie Smith has joined Merman’s growing roster for worldwide commercial representation. Smith served as Head of Creative at ITV for a number of years, before realising his ambition to direct and stepping behind the camera as a freelancer. Since then, he hasn’t looked back. Smith is an exceptional sport star wrangler. His unpretentious approach and easy rapport have led him to work with some of the biggest names in football, and he’s formed lasting relationships along the way. A humorous promo for the launch of BT Sport, featuring Michael Owen, kicked off Smith’s long-standing relationship with the broadcaster and helped to shape their early brand identity. The film shows off Smith’s naturalistic approach to directing, and the ability to coax a great performance from his subjects. Smith’s 2014 ad for the channel shows off his ability to work with a large cast, as the various BT Sport pundits are interviewed by a psychiatrist and asked to interpret some ink blots. Aside from his sport-focused work, Smith has proven he can turn his talents to a diverse array of sectors, and has created entertaining and well-received ads, idents, and short films. Smith recently directed an entertaining ad to kick off a new campaign for betting app Paddy Power. With such a strong start to his Merman career, we look forward to seeing what he does next.

Original Article appeared in David Reviews on 15th March 2018.