20 Mar 2018

Juliet May is the Latest Signing to Merman

Aldi’s Easter TV 2018 advertising campaign marks a commercials debut for award-winning drama and comedy director Juliet May.

Coupled with Sharon Horgan as Executive Director on the project,  the campaign is produced by Merman, for whom Juliet also directed Motherland, written by Sharon Horgan, which went to air on BBC2 in November. The show was described by The Guardian as “an uproarious treat”, and by The Independent as “truly great – great enough to be ranked up there with stone cold classics from the past like Fawlty Towers, Blackadder [and] Steptoe and Son.” Juliet won an Emmy for directing the feature-length TV drama Dustbin Baby on BBC1, and an RTS award and a BAFTA for the children’s comedy series Microsoap. She also directed all of the first three series of the BBC hit comedy Miranda, and three series of the multi award-winning drama Call the Midwife.

Her natural gift at drawing warm comedic performances makes her the perfect fit for Merman’s burgeoning roster of directors.